Adjustment reactions

For everybody, adjustment to change (positive as well as negative events) can be a stressful time.   Most of us would employ our own individual stress management strategies, or social networks to help us cope with these situations. However, at times one can get overwhelmed by events or a whole range of individual stressors.  Sometimes this can lead to anxiety disorders, depression or mania and become a problem in its own right.

Events such as  being diagnosed with a serious health condition (cancer, HIV, diabetes), break-ups with significant others, and changes at work, can cause a variety of emotions as well as negative thinking. These can go on for a prolonged amount of time. 

Similar to other conditions, negative emotions and judgements can prevent one from seeing a broader perspective.  CBT offers a variety of helpful tools which have been evaluated as components of other effective CBT treatments. 

Dr TOM G WERNER  Psychiatrist & CBT-Therapist