Lewisham Recovery Resources

The Lewisham Recovery Resources Website is going to provide comprehensive information about locally available resources which promote recovery from mental illness.  The target reader groups are (1) people with mental health related conditions, (2) their carers, and (3) the (mental health care) professionals involved in their care.

The information is provided in a user friendly, regularly updated format, addressing the different needs of the target reader groups (service users, carers, (mental health) care professionals). The open access to information for the different reader groups will create a transparency and enable a holistic and active recovery process.

The project is financed by grants from charitable organisations.


Song in the City

Song in the City is a Trust, which is currently being reviewed for application for formal charitable status.

The Trust promotes classical song as an art form.  It provides singers, pianists and composers with a regular platform to perform song in the heart of the City of London.

This is achieved through a variety of means, and mainly through regular concerts of classical/modern music for piano and voice.  To attract visitors who would usually not go to places, such as the Wigmore Hall, the concerts are free of charge, in a central City location and during the lunch-time.  The concert series runs now in its second year.

To enable to cover the outgoing cost for venue and artists the Trusts seeks to generate a moderate income not only through collection following the concerts and other private donation but also through the recording of traditional and modern repertoire and production and sale of music CDs Programme leaflet for the current song series:

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Dr TOM G WERNER  Psychiatrist & CBT-Therapist