Cognitive Behaviural Therapy (CBT) is an active, goal-orientated, and time-limited approach to psychotherapy.

It is guided by a shared understanding of the problems (formulation) and helps you to develop and test out your individual set of tools which allow you to deal with and transform unhelpful thoughts and feelings. 

The usefulness for CBT has been intensively investigated.  For a large variety of conditions it has proven to be more, or at least equally as effective as other forms of psychotherapy.


* You will be involved in practical work during and outside the sessions to check some of your beliefs or new behaviours

Goal Orientated

* You set your goals in the first sessions and we will regularly review them throughout the course of your therapy

* Setting specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-framed (SMART) goals


* Usually a course of CBT last for about 15 sessions, the usual range is between 6 to 30 sessions


* You and your therapist work together side by side, your experience, input and feedback being equally important

Evidence based

* CBT is a scientifically evaluated therapy approach

Dr TOM G WERNER  Psychiatrist & CBT-Therapist