What happens in CBT?

After exploring your background, your strengths and current struggles within the first one or two sessions, we will then discuss if and how Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can help you. 

Therapy will help you to understand how some of your difficulties relate to your thoughts, emotions and actions.  Most often, we will put this down on paper into a diagram which will make sense to the two of us.  In this way, you can become more attuned to recognise some of the existing connections. In a second step you will learn to change previously unhelpful ways of thinking and less helpful behaviours.   Over time, you will build your own set of tools which are most effective for the situations you encounter.

CBT is tailor-made for your purpose. In therapy we will test drive these tools, optimise them for you, and practise so that they become second nature.  For this, you and your therapist work as a therapeutic team. Your feedback about the session, the techniques and the way your therapist approaches you is a most important part of the treatment, allowing us to get it right for you.

Over time, you will become more and more self-sufficient, and towards the end of the course of therapy, you will set your own session agenda, and have learned how to become your own therapist.  In the last couple of sessions we work on relapse prevention and summarise the treatment, the techniques you found particularly helpful, and a step by step approach of what you can do if things start to move in the wrong direction.

Dr TOM G WERNER  Psychiatrist & CBT-Therapist